Total Raised £2500

Our ‘Workout to Help Out’ Fundraiser for 2022, concluded on February 14th past. The fundraiser was held in memory of past gym member Ciaran Gormley.
For a whole month, from 14th Jan to 14th of Feb, our members we’re turning up to the gym to workout, and popping an orange token into the collection tubes everyday after their workout. And each orange token was worth a £1 donation on behalf of each member, by the gym.
All the PAYG money for the month was also donated to the fundraiser, along with member donations.
And the final total raised by everyone was an incredible £2500. Such an amazing effort by everyone in the gym. The money raised is being donated to local Suicide Awareness charities on behalf of the Gormley family.
Pictured are trainers and members from the Maxx Life community, presenting the cheque to Alisha and Kellie Gormley, sisters of Ciaran’s and long-time members at Maxx Life, and to gym regular, wee Jason.