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Maxx Life is thrilled to be the first company in Ireland to introduce our latest addition: the cutting-edge VISBODY 3D Scanner. We’re proud to offer our members access to state-of-the-art technology, providing unparalleled accuracy and reliability for comprehensive Body Composition Analysis. Finally, measuring your fitness goals is more precise and reliable than ever before.

Combining BIA & Infra-red

The technology for body composition analysis has advanced rapidly.  There are 2 main technologies body composition analysis.  BIA – Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis or Infra-red Scanning.  All body composition scanners use either BIA or Infra-red.

VISBODY S30 Combines Both

VISBODY is the only 3D Body Scanner in the world, that uses both technologies, for the most accurate body composition analysis.

BIA – Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis uses 8 different frequency electrical currents, to measure the anatomical make-up of your body.

Infra-red cameras then capture the precise size and contours of your body.  Both sets of data combined allow the VISBODY S30 to produce a comprehensive and accurate composition of your body.

37 Different Measurements

VISBODY S30 produces 37 different measurements for your body, falling under 4 categories.

Body Composition includes measurements such as Body Fat Mass, Muscle Mass, Visceral Fat Levels, Basal Metabolic Rate & Segmental Fat Analysis

Body Circumference includes accurate circumference measurements from 9 places on your body, including both arms, thighs and legs, as well as chest, waist and hip.

Posture Analysis includes measurements of head tilt, rounded and uneven shoulders, pelvic tilt and knee evualation.

Shoulder Function includes a complete analysis of your shoulder mobility. 

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How Can VISBODY Help You?

Do you want to change your body shape?

Burn Fat while Keeping Lean Body Mass?

Change specific body areas?

See EXACTLY your results???

Weighing scales aren't going to show you that!

Weighing scales only measure “total weight”.  They combine all the weight in your body, your muscle, your body fat, body water, blood, organs, bones and everything, and give you one total number.  When you want to shrink your body size, you only want to lose excess fat.  Weighing scales can’t tell you how much body fat you have.  They can simply tell you your total weight.  It’s a pointless number.  Your total weight changes everyday, but your body fat level can stay exactly the same.  Your weight can increase at the same time as your body fat levels decrease.  And your weight can decrease at the same time as your body fat levels increase.   

VISBODY Measures Exactly What You Need!

All Your Data At Your Fingertips

Visually See Precise Physical Changes

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