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The ‘Gym Buddie’ you can’t be without.  When going to the gym, it’s vitally important that you know what exercises you are going to be doing, before you step foot through the door.

To have the best chance at smashing your goals, your workout plan needs to be clear and workouts need to be structured. 

The Maxx Life Workout App contains many different workouts we’ve created, structured specifically to achieve goals.  We’ve workouts for burning fat, building strength and muscle, toning different areas of your body, as well as conditioning and functional workouts.

We’ve also created workouts specifically for men and for women.  And we’ve even got workouts for completing at home, with whatever equipment you have, or even no equipment.

Workout where you want, when you want, exercising to achieve exactly what you want.  Perfect for people with very little time, or whose schedule is different week to week.

You can even create your own workouts with our app, choosing from over 1000 different exercises, each with a video demonstration of each exercise.

Working out on your own has never been easier.

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Free App Workouts

As a Maxx Life member, we’re giving 2 Free workouts to any member who wants them.  One is a Weight Lifting workout and one is a Conditioning Cardio workout.

All you have to do is fill in the form below and we’ll get it setup for you.