Transformation Photos

Hey, if you’re reading this, then you’ve registered for the Ignite55 Transformation Challenge.

The Transformation Challenge is based around changing your physique over the 12 weeks, and measuring it with photo’s.

It can be quite difficult to take good before and after photo’s, to get the same lighting, same distance from the camera, and same clothing.

To ensure the same lighting and distance from camera, we will take all the photo’s in the gym, in the 3D Scanner Room..  

So the only thing you need to take care of, is the clothing.  Below are a few examples of what clothing to wear, and what not to wear.

The following examples are to help you get the best Before/After photos.  They will give you the best change to see the changes in your own body over the 12 weeks.  You would not believe how many fantastic transformations we have witnessed, where the photo’s simply don’t show it, because the person wore the wrong clothing in the Before photo.  You can take many After photos, but you can’t rewind the clock 12 weeks to take a better Before photo.

Take your time and try and get the best before photo you can.  If you want to take 2 Before photos, one in a sports brand and one in a tight vest top, that is fine. And you can use whichever you want.  But at least have the choice.

Apologies if you see your photo being used here as an example of what not to wear lol.

The clothing below is ideal, except our bad lighting in the before photo.

A sport bra is best, and sports leggings with the waist band running along your hips, a few inches below your belly button.  This will give the truest reflection of any changes.

The clothing used below is perfect.  Colours are best. You can see the full mid-section, arms and legs.  The whole body will change over 12 weeks, and you can notice where arms and legs lose weight and tone up. 

Do wear coloured clothing, with tight fitting in your before photo.  Hopefully after 12 weeks, its looser, and you can see the results easily like below.

Don’t wear loose clothing, especially dark, as it doesn’t show the contours of your physique well, so differences are difficult to see.

Tight tops like the ones below are good, if you prefer to keep your skin covered.  However, colours such as blue or red show body shape better.

Don’t pull your leggings up like the photo below.  This changes the shape of the body, and doesn’t let you compare like for like.  Roll them down along the widest part of your hips, a few inches below your belly button.

This clothing is good, and makes it easy to see changes.  Colours other than black always make it better to see the body shape.

Make sure you wear the same clothes in both sets of photos.  The black sports bra is lower, coving more of the mid section than the pink sports bra.  Also, the coloured leggings show the shape of the hips better than the looser shorts.  And a girls hips is an area than can change dramatically. 

Another example of where different colour clothing affects the outcome.  There is clear change in shape here, but the black tee is tighter fitting, and shows the physique differently than the loser teal tee.

Black also hides all contours, making it very difficult to see the changes that are there, like below.

The below photo is good.  The waist line is set well below the bellybutton, so changes can be seen clearly.

Again, it’s important that you wear the correct clothing for your Before/After photos.  Not only will it give you the truest reflection of your 12 week results, but it will give you a better chance to get shortlisted as a finalist.

When we see submissions where the belly button is covered, or the mid section is mostly covered, clothing is baggy or black, we generally have to dismiss it as the reflection of the changes aren’t true.

Also, please don’t try to stick your stomach out, we can spot arches in the back, raised chests and pulled back shoulders, which all happen when the stomach is pushed out.

Stand naturally, looking straight ahead, with you arms slightly held away from your body.  And smile lol.