Photo Submissions

Alright you guuyyyssss, 55 days over, just like that.  If you completed the Ignite55 Challenge, a huge congratulations to you.

If you would like the chance of winning one of the prizes, then please submit your photos below.    

When submitting photo’s, it is important that you use the hand signal below, both hands by your side.

Before you take your after photo’s, please do the following;
Look back at your Before photos. Then use the exact same clothes that you were wearing. Set the waist of your bottoms at the exact same level as in your Before photo. Take the photo in the same place, and if possible, in the same light, either day light or at night time. Please try and make both Before and After photo’s look the exact same, except for any changes in your physique of course lol.

If you incur any issues submitting photo’s, please contact Anto.

Welcome to Maxx Life Gym