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Do You Want Specific Help & Advice Tailored For You & Your Goals?

Do You Want a Workout Plan Created Unique for You?

Do You Want to be Able to Workout Where You Want, When you Want?

Do You Want an Extra Level of Accountability?

Do You Want To Achieve Real Results without All The Fads & Nonsence?

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Mentored Coaching Is For YOU!

Maxx Life Mentored Coaching is a multi-week coaching program, conducted by an experienced Maxx Life coach.  You’ll be personally coached on a 1-2-1 basis, given guidelines to follow for nutrition and training, for the duration of your program.

Maxx Life In-Person Mentored Coaching is available to members and non-members.

Mentored Coaching is perfect for;

  • someone just starting their health and fitness journey.
  • someone who has set themselves new goals, and are ready to give it their all.
  • someone who really wants to transform their body once and for all.
  • someone who wants and needs personal coaching and extra accountability to get the best from themselves.


Results Tracking

By far, the biggest mistake most people make while trying to change their physique, is how they measure their results.  

Many people want to lose fat, but when they come to measuring their results, they use weighing scales.  Weighting scales measure ‘weight’, not ‘body fat’.  The issue is, that our weight can change easily, without our body fat changing at all.  So using weighing scales to measure fat loss is completely illogical and wrong.  Yet so many people do it, and then don’t understand why all their hard work doesn’t seem to be paying off.

At Maxx Life, we don’t have a set of weighing scales in sight.  We have the knowledge and experience to know better.

Revolutionary 3D Body Scanning

For a very long time, we’ve been tracking our clients results with measuring tapes, photographs, and by the way their clothes fit.  These methods for us have always been the closest we’re going to get to accurate result tracking… until now!

Introducing, Brand New for our 2024 Mentored Coaching, Maxx Life has made the massive investment and purchased the first in Ireland…

VISBODY BIA & 3D Body Scanner

At Maxx Life, we love our technology.  And it is advancing so fast.  There are a few different body scanners available on the market.  Some use BIA, Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis, where different electrical frequencies are sent through the body, to analysis how much body fat, lean body mass and water the body contains.  

There is also 3D Body Scanners that use a series of Infra-Red Cameras to draw a detailed 3D image of the body, and calculate the amount of body fat, lean body mass etc from the image, using algorithms.

And Then There's The

VISBODY S30 Body Scanner

The World’s first and only Body Scanner that combines the technologies of BIA and Infra-Red 3D Scanning, to give an extremely accurate analysis of your body measurements, allowing you and your coach to properly track all changes in your body.

No more need for awkward measuring tapes, our Visbody 3D Scanner will take precise measurements of all the different area’s of your body.  And each time you get a body scan,  the measurements will be precisely in exactly the same areas, giving you an honest reflection of the true changes of your body shape.

Stop wrecking your head with weighing scales, and start Now seeing the true body changes that you are capable of.


Mentored Coaching

What's Involved

As soon as you’ve signed up, we’ll send you our online Pre-Consultation Form, to find out all about you, get an idea of your goals, your obstacles, and use this information to pair you up with the most suitable Maxx Coach for you.

In the initial consultation, we’ll start with your first 3D Body Scan.  We’ll get you setup with a Visbody account, so you have access to all your body stats on your smart phone.

Then we’ve delve much deeper into your current lifestyle.  We’ll discuss your goals, and offer any recommendations if necessary.  

We’ll then get to work creating a plan to achieve your goals, and break your plan down into a series of manageable mini-challenges, that you will build upon as you progress.  

We’ll create a workout schedule for you, discuss your calorie requirements and how to achieve them.  

And if you would like, we can take some before photo’s as well, for you to keep for your own reference.

We’ll create a specific Weekly Workout Schedule for you to get you started.  Your weekly schedule will include any PT sessions you may have, any classes you wish to attend, as well as any workouts you would like to do by yourself.

We’ll make you up a Workout Plan that will have you Smashing the your goals.

You’ll get access to our own Maxx Workout App, where we will load in different workouts for you, specific to your goals, for you to complete each week of the program.  You may want workouts specific to fat loss, improving fitness, shaping your glutes, toning your legs or arms, or whatever your goals are.

You can log all your reps and sets and the weights you used in each workout in the app, so you and your coach can keep a track on your progress.

The workouts can be in addition to any PT’s or regular classes you attend.  

We can even add in home workouts for you if you would like them.

You’ll receive our unique healthy Menu and Meal Plan, and on top of this, we’ll discuss your nutritional habits in more detail and set out a more specific nutritional plan for you.  We can also check you calorie tracking through-out, if you like to do that.

Depending on which program you decide to go for, you’ll receive additional personal consultations throughout the duration of your program.  We’ll discuss your progress and make any necessary changes or updates to your plan of action.

We’ll check in with you personally at the end of each week, to make sure you’re staying on track, and provide advice and motivation for the week ahead.

We’ve created a fantastic ‘Checklist’ for you in our app, where you check off each of your daily tasks, and also your weekly tasks, and then submit it to your coach at the end of the week.  This way, you know exactly what you need to be doing each day, and your coach knows exactly what you have done each week.  No other coaching program offers this fantastic accountability tool.

Message us about anything related to your program.  Nutrition questions, food pics, training questions or anything.  Anytime, any day.

For weeks 5 to 8, we’ll change up your workouts in the app, with brand new workouts to mix things up for you.  We can even add in additional workouts if you are ready to add in an extra days training at this stage.

And then the same again for weeks 9-12.

The final consultation will involve another 3D Body Scan.  We’ll be able to see clearly any all the changes you have achieved, and give you advice on how to keep your new healthy habits going long after the mentored program has finished.  

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