Group Transformation Challenge

Our first Ignite55 Challenge in our new gym, and we wanted to make it an extra special one.

We’ve run so many challenges over the past 8 years, in the gym and though-out lockdown, and there is one thing we have learned…

People work better when part of a group.  People feed off each others energy.  They support each other.  They try harder for others.  People don’t like letting others down, and end up achieving more for themselves doing it for the good other others.

In all our Ignite55 challenges, we’ve always had our trainers operate groups for our members, and they’re always a great success.

This time, we’ve come up with the additional idea of letting our gym members create their own groups, between 2 to 6 people, and work together to try and achieve the best for each other.  

How it Works

1 person from the group will enter the group into the Ignite55 Group Transformation Challenge by filling in and submitting the form at the bottom of this page.

The Group Challenge is a Fat Loss Challenge

The group challenge works by using the 3D Body Scanner to add up the total body fat in lbs for the whole team, as well as the total lean body mass in lbs.

The challenge is to collectively lose as much body fat in lbs, while also trying not to lose lean body mass.

At the end of the challenge, we will calculate how much body fat in lbs each team lost, and divide that by the number of people in the team, to get the average.

The team with the highest average body fat loss will win.

There is mathematically no advantage being in a team or 2 or a team of 6.

Groups can be mixed ages and mixed genders.  

Group members don’t have to be on the same Ignite55 Option, but must be on either Option 2, 3 or Mentored Coaching.

Group members all have to get a 3D body scan at the beginning and end.

Group members do not have to get before/after photos if they don’t want to.

We’re hoping to see groups of friends, partners, mixed families, and families where maybe the older kids have some weight to lose.  There is no age limit being set, we are leaving it up to the parents to decide.  However, there is a height restriction on the 3D Scanner or around 140 cms.

Enter Your Group

If you have your group sorted and are all signed up and ready to enter, only 1 person needs to fill out the form below, 1 form per group.