Hey, how great does it feel to be only a week or 2 away from Springtime.  Definitely one of the most favourite times of the year.  

We absolutely love Spring time in the gym.  It’s by far our best time of year, when most people make the decision to work on their health and fitness, and get themselves into shape for upcoming holidays, weddings, communions, and just the summer in general.

At this time of year, many people are often intending to get started into fitness and exercise, and usually just need a little push or sign to get started.

So we’ve decided to give 20 people on our email list the sign they are looking for, by creating this very special offer just for you. 

There’s over 2200 people on our Email List, and this offer is only going out to the very few randomly selected ones.  So take this as your sign to get started LOL  

Very Special Offer Just For You

Any Membership Package for

£ 50

For Your First Month


2 Free Super-Credits

Super-Credits can be used to book into any fitness class or PT session for Free.

No Contracts

No Commitments

Whether you stay on after your first month is entirely up to you.

With Ignite55 Starting in only a few weeks, this is the perfect time to check out Maxx Life and what we have to offer.

The Catch

Can't have an offer like this, without a catch LOL.

Offer Expires 1st March 2023

That's your only catch. You've only a few days to take action, and kick-start you health and fitness with Maxx Life.

How Do I Get Started

It’s very simple.  Press the button below to see all our different membership packages.  

Press Join which will take you to a page to see if you are a good match for Maxx Life.

If you are, simply Register on our system.

Then to purchase the special offer, press Start a Membership.

At the bottom of that page, enter in the coupon code springintofitness and press Submit (image below)

This will bring up all the membership packages, with the special offer of £5 for the first month already applied.

Select whichever membership package you prefer, and once you have completed the purchase, you will have instant access and will be ready to start.

Your 2 Free Super-Credits will also be automatically added to your account to use straight away.


If you've been looking for a sign, this is it!