Membership Request

Maxx Life are committed to protecting the customer experience for our members and ensuring a comfortable environment for our members to exercise in, and the ability to get booked into classes easily

We have had an incredible amount of enquiries so far through-out January from people looking to join Maxx Life.  

We opened 50 membership places for 1st February, with advance purchase available to everyone on the ‘Membership Request List’.  There was 94 people on the Request List, and all 50 places sold out in 2 days. 

We are making another 50 memberships available on 1st March, with the ‘Membership Request List’ now open.

Our member experience is vitally important to us at Maxx Life, and we have no intentions of cramming our gym full of people for a few months of the year.  

We’re not interested in trying to make a quick buck from people.  We want to work with people who are serious about their health and fitness, and see it as a valuable part of their lifestyle all year around.

If you are ready to join Maxx Life, and want to be a part of our March intake, then use the form below to request to join.  We’ll be giving everyone who submits the form below, 2 days advance purchase for membership, before making any remaining memberships available for general sale on the 1st March.


Your Maxx Life Team