Meal Plans

The 2Week TurnAround program was originally designed, to give people a simple to follow and stick to, workout and meal plan, that would greatly improve their health, and help get their new fitness journey kick started.  Where the standard for meal plans usually consist of a set number of foods/meals per day, that must be adhered to almost exactly as is, the 2Week turnAround meal plans offer a great amount of versatility, choice and variety for each day.  Each meal plan consists of 7 healthy recipes for breakfast, 7 healthy lunches, 7 healthy dinners and 7 healthy snacks.  Every single meal and snack has had its ingredients carefully measured, so that the calories and macros always add up correctly, no matter which meals you choose.  

The 2Week turnAround meal plans are really like no other, and the unique design allows for the person, to follow the guidelines and stick to the meal plan for much longer than the standard, strict 3 and 4 day plans.

How to lose weight (burn fat) using the 2Week turnAround meal plans… – Due to the design of the 2Week turnAround meal plans, and the versatility they offer, they can actually be used for a significant length of time.  The best way to use the meal plans for fat loss, is to calculate your TDEE, then use the plan that is the closest match.  Once you can comfortably consume all the food on that plan for one day, change to a meal plan which is 400 calories less, and follow it for 3 weeks.  That is one cycle.  Repeat the cycle several times, for healthy, consistent fat loss which will stay off. 

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