Local Mail Drop

At the beginning of March, we done our first mail drop for Maxx Life.  We designed a 4page A4 leaflet, and had a local company distribute 9500 of them around Armagh city, and we got a further 500 delivered in the villages around the gym, Tullysaran, Caledon, Blackwatertown, Killylea etc.

We had a fantastic response from it.  So good in fact, that we are planning to run it again.

We’ve stopped paying for advertising on Socials.  People have become resistant to sponsored ads on social media.  What’s the last thing you bought from a sponsored ad on social media?  I know I skip straight past any post that is sponsored.  And social media advertising ain’t cheap either.  I’ve seen us spend £150 on a Facebook sponsored post, and not get a single click from it.  Social platforms are just so bombarded with sponsored ads, that I think people have learned to blank them out.  I know I have anyway.

And because almost all businesses do most of their advertising on socials these days, the amount of promotional mail that comes through the door now is almost next to nothing, so now we give it more of our attention.

Joining Forces

Doing the last maildrop by ourselves, the total cost for printing 10000 leaflets and getting them delivered was almost £1000.

The distribution company charge less for each additional leaflet, so the more businesses involved, the cheaper the price.

Our idea is to recruit several local businesses to join with us in our next mail drop campaign.  And instead of each business having their own flyer or leaflet, which would each have a separate distribution cost, we will join all the flyers together into one leaflet.

An A3 folded to A4 brochure, has the area of 8x A5 Flyers in it.

Distribution of an A5 flyer is £40 per 1000, and distribution of an A3 folded leaflet is also £40 per 1000.  So it makes a lot more sense to join 8x A5 flyers together and get them all delivered for a fraction of the cost.

Also, the printing of 10k A3 leaflets is a good bit cheaper than the printing of 8x 10k A5 flyers.


Ad size = A5

Printed and distributed locally around Armagh = 10,000 leaflets 

£ 1000

Yes, £160 to have your business promoted through the doors of 10000 houses in Armagh.

This is a cash price, no VAT, no receipts.  I have to pay the distribution company in cash.

Please note, this isn’t a money maker or side hussle for me, simply a way of using the power of joining forces with other local businesses to cut back on costs.

If you would prefer to have your own leaflet delivered with our maildrop, instead of within the A3 brochure, then it is £30/1000 (£300) plus the printing.  That’s the exact cost, no profit being made

Want A4 Size instead

If you would prefer your ad space to be A4 size, then its simply double the cost, £320.


If you have your own artwork, especially an A5 landscape flyer, then its just a simple process of pasting it into the brochure.  But if you need artwork designed, I can help you with that, at no extra cost.  I want this to be successful for you, so we can run it regularly together, get lots of new customers and make great savings.

How To know If It has Worked

Something I didn’t do the last time, but should have, and will be doing this time, is adding some sort of promotional offer and a coupon code.  Although we know we had a great response from our last mail drop, it’s hard to beat having exact figures.  Depending on how your business operates, you can make your flyer a cut out coupon, or if you have online orders, then a coupon code.


I’m aiming to have all ad spaces filled by the 14th May.  Artwork to be finalised by the 21st May, and sent to printers.  Distribution to start around the 29th May, depending on the availability of the distributers.  I’ll have exact dates closer to the time when I can book us in.

The last drop, they had 3 guys complete the distribution in just over 2 days.

The sent me photos of the leaflet in front of each housing estate they delivered to, as proof that they were delivering. 

Want in on the Action?

Simply phone me if you would like to discuss more about it, or have any questions.  Or message me via Whatsapp 07774088033, or Facebook Messenger Anto Maxx, or email [email protected]

Its on a First Come First Serve Basis.  So the quicker your in, the more choice of ad placement you have.

Lastly, please remember that this isn’t a business I’m running.  Simply a collaboration of local businesses coming together to promote themselves at a much lower cost, that if you were to do it by yourself.  I want it to work for everyone, but it’s none profit making, so don’t expect me to deliver the sun, the moon and the stars.  You only get that if you join Maxx Life Gym lol.

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