Would you like to be able to walk into any gym and know how to use all the equipment?

Would you like to learn how to train with weights properly?

Would you like to feel confident in any gym, knowing what you are doing is correct?

Would you like to save loads of time researching exercises, and learn years of knowledge in a matter of hours instead?

If Yes

Then you need the Maxx Life

Our brand new ‘Learn2Gym’ course, has been created, to teach anyone, no matter what your starting point is, who would love to be able to walk into any gym and put themselves through a great workout.

Walking into a gym to train or exercise for the first few times, can be a very daunting experience.  When a person walks into a gym, they usually have a lot of great intentions, but unfortunately no knowledge of what to do. 

‘Learn2Gym’ is a comprehensive in-person course, which will teach you everything you need to know about gyming, so you can set your own goals, create your own workout programs, and smash your workouts in the gym, knowing what you are doing is correct and safe.

What you will learn

You'll also learn

How to lift weights safely and avoid injury

Over 30 of the most popular weight lifting exercises

Receive our comprehensive Learn2Gym Manual

Receive 16 fully structured workouts to follow along in any gym

And loads loads more

How The Course Will Work

‘Learn2Gym’ is an in-person course which will take place in Maxx Life Gym.  

‘Learn2Gym’ is a 1-day course that will take approximately 4 hours to complete.

You will be able to attend the course on either a Saturday or Sunday, from 12pm to 4pm, as this is when the gym is most quietest.

The course is split into 2 parts;

Section 1: Theory

Section 1: Theory is conducted in a classroom style environment, where you will learn all the relevant information on gyming from the ‘Learn2Gym’ manual.  

Section 1 lasts about an 90 mins, and will be concluded with a short test on your new found knowledge.

Section 2: Practical

Section 2: Practical is conducted on the gym floor, and will involve learning all the different exercises from the ‘Learn2Gym’ manual.

Section 2 will last about 3 hours, and will be concluded with a short practical test on your new found knowledge.

Course Price


New Year Special

£ 140

Upcoming Dates

Saturday 14th January - 11:30am

Saturday 21st January - 11:30am

Maxx 4 people per course