Festive Festive Challenge

Our first member challenge in our new gym. It’s just a small challenge to help keep everyone working out throughout Christmas.
All you have to do is attend 1 fitness class per week for the next 5 weeks. This may seem easy, but it will get more difficult the closer we get to Christmas.
For anyone who does complete all 5 weeks, you’ll earn yourself advanced booking for any one class for the first 4 weeks of January.
In the case of the oversubscribed classes, Inc Yoga and Pilates, those advanced booking will go to the members who go most regularly to that class over the next 5 weeks.
So for example, if a person goes to 4 Wednesday evening Yoga as part of their Festive Fitness Challenge, and then selects Yoga as their advanced booking class, they will get precedence over someone who goes to Yoga only once in the next 5 weeks, but also selects it as their advanced booking class.
So if you go to several classes each week, when it comes to submitting 1 of the classes you attended each week, be sure to record the class each week that you would most prefer for your advanced booking.
All the best,
Your Maxx Life Team