After over 400 votes on our top 20 short-listed names, we’re now down to the top 5.  Here they are in alphabetical order.


BallyYummy is a great play on words with Ballycrummy, the road that the Drive-Thru Cafe is on.  BallyYummy is a playful name, with the Yummy describing the taste and flavour of all our offerings, Coffees, smoothies, snacks and ice-cream.  BallyYummy would probably be a hit with the kids, and we do want the Drive-Thru Cafe to continue our Family Friendly theme that we have in the gym.

BallyYummy would be a one of a kind name, and BallyYummy.com is available, which is a big plus.

Brew Thru

Brew Thru is another name that is a great play on words.  it clearly describes our main offering, hot drinks served via a drive-Thru.  Brew Thru rolls off the tongue easily, conveys speed of service as it sounds a bit like the common saying “Breeze Through”.  Brew Thru is also a name that could easily be used if the Drive Thru Cafe was to branch out to other locations.

Unfortunately BrewThru.com isn’t available, as its already used by a drive thru off-licence in USA lol, but BrewThru.co.uk is available which is a plus.

Deja Brew

Deja Brew is another play on the well know French phrase “Deja Vu”, which means already seen or already experienced.  Coincidently as the name suggests “already seen”, there are already quite a few cafe’s in the UK and Ireland with the name Deja Brew, so certainly not unique. Deja brew is a name that could easily be used if the Drive Thru Cafe was to branch out to other locations. 

DejaBrew.com and DejaBrew.co.uk are not available domains, which is a negative when it comes to SEO and online marketing.

Drive Brew

Drive Brew is another name which is a play on words.  Drive Brew describes very clearly our main offering which is hot drinks via a drive-thru.  Drive Brew rolls off the tongue easily.  Drive Brew is a name that could easily be used if the Drive Thru Cafe was to branch out to other locations.

DriveBrew.com isn’t available, however, DriveBrew.co.uk is available.


Maxxpresso is a name with a press play on words.  It combines the brand of Maxx Life, with both the words Express, and Espresso.  Espresso gets across the message of our main offering, i.e. coffees, and Express signifies a speed of service from the Drive-Thru.  Maxxpresso is a name that the local people of Armagh will associate with Maxx Life, and know to expect a high level of service with a family friendly feel, just as Maxx Life Gym is renowed for.  Maxxpresso rolls of the tongue easily, and could picture it on the side of a coffee cup.

Concerns are that people may think that Maxxpresso is for members of Maxx Life Gym only, however, the Drive-Thru Cafe being a totally separate building should remove any confusions.

Maxxpresso.com is available which is a big plus.

Before you vote, we want to say thank-you so much for being involved.  Thank-you for suggesting names, thank-you for voting in the first round, and thank-you for voting now.  Your help is greatly appreciated.