Totally FREE 14 Day Challenge

Kick-Start Your

Are you ready to live a healthy lifestyle in 2023.  We’ve created a fantastic 14 Day Challenge, to get you back to fit and healthy living, and it won’t cost you a penny.

What's The Challenge?

Your Challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to complete the following tasks for 14 days.

The Do's

The Don'ts

And to help you along the way, we’ll provide you with a daily check-list, so that you can tick each task off each day, to keep a track of your progress.

And YES It's All FREE!

Even The Fitness Classes?

Yes, you get Unlimited Fitness Classes Free for the 14 days.

Book into as many of our Fitness Classes as you like, all for FREE.

Even The PT Sessions?

PT Membership

Yes, you get 2 Free PT sessions, 1 for each of the 2 weeks.

Anything Else?

Yes, you get full access to Maxx Life Gym, from 5am to 11pm, 7 days a week.

So feel free to call out and do a little bit extra on the rowing machine, or cross trainers, or maybe a bit of training with weights.

What's The Catch?

Honestly, nothing.  It’s a 14 day FREE trial at Maxx Life Gym, combined with a 14 day Challenge to help get you going.

If within 14 days, you decide that Maxx Life isn’t for you, simply cancel your membership (very easy done), and nothing is lost.  At least you gave it a go.

If you decide that you like Maxx Life Gym, and would like to continue working on your health and fitness with us, then great, your new membership will start, and your monthly rolling payments will start.  There is no contract, you can cancel your membership at any time.  And if you need to change the payment collection day, that can be arranged also.

This Special 14 Day Free Challenge is only available for our GOLD membership package, as we want you to experience our Most Popular, Full Access package, priced at only £30 a month.  And we’ve dropped the Joining fee for you also.  And No Contract!

However, if after the 14 days, you feel you would benefit more from a different membership package, we can change you over no problem, and your payments will match whichever membership package you choose.

To Take On The

14 Day Challenge?

Great! All you have to do is press the "Sign-Up" button below.

Confirm you're a good match for Maxx Life.

Register you name and details on our booking system.

Then press "Start A New Membership", and enter the promo code:


This will make the Special 14 Day Free Challenge Gold Membership available.

And Remember, it's a 14 day 100% Free Trail. There are no commitments. You're free to cancel anytime. Even if you forget to cancel, and cancel a day late, we'll refund any payments taken. We want all our members to be 100% happy with our service. If you're not, you won't be charged anything.

Challenges Start From

Monday 2nd January

If you sign up any date before Monday 2nd January, you’re 14 day Challenge Trial will start on Mon 2nd, with you’re first membership payment scheduled for the 15th of each month, if you decide to stay on.  This payment date can be changed upon request.

Last Challenge Start Date

Monday 16th January

If you sign up any date after Monday 2nd January, you’re 14 day Challenge Trial will start immediately on that day, with you’re first membership payment scheduled for 15 days later, if you decide to stay on.  This payment date can be changed upon request.


Important: This offer is only available to people who haven't had an active membership at Maxx Life since 1st July 2022.

Remember to Enter Promo Code To Reveal the Special membership