Ignite55 Winners !

21st March - 14th May 2022

First Place:

Bernie Warnock

And the WINNER of our first Ignite55 Challenge of 2022, is another member who only joined the gym a short time before the challenge started. Our First Place prize, of a night away for 2 to the luxurious Farnham Estate hotel and Spa, including spa treatments each, full access to the thermal spa, 4 course meal and breakfast, goes to…
Bernie Warnock
Bernie has done amazing through-out Ignite55, and a very deserving winner. Like the others, she has been very consistent with her trainings, giving her best effort in classes, and often staying on afterward to add a few mile to the treadmills. She used Ignite55 to make positive changes in her lifestyle, especially by becoming a lot more active, and it’s paid dividends.
Bernie’s coach through-out the Ignite55 challenge was Christina. This is Christina’s first Ignite55 winner as a coach, and here is a few words from her about Bernie’s time on the Ignite55.
“I am so delighted for Bernie and the results that she has achieved throughout the 8 weeks of Ignite55. Bernie joined my MaxxiMums classes back In February along with her bestie Emma, and the two of them fully immersed themselves in the gym. As well as attending MaxxiMums twice a week, she went to a variety of our other fitness classes as well. She also visited the gym for her own workouts, during her spare time. Bernie also regularly attended the MaxxTo5k running club, which we ran alongside Ignite55, and she also continues to use the mall and the treadmill regularly to meet her own running goals, set by herself as part of the challenge.
Hard work pays off and Bernie has certainly done that!
Im so proud to have been to your coach Bernie and looking forward to celebrating with you and a few drinks tomorrow night. Well done 👏
Congratulations Bernie from the whole Maxx team. Your results are amazing, and your progress in the gym has been inspirational. We hope you enjoy your night away 🙂

Second Place:

Darren Curtis

And taking the Second Place prize, winning a lovely night away for 2 to Corrick House hotel & Spa, including 4 course meal, and our first ever male winner of any Ignite55 prize, the prize goes to…
Darren Curtis
Darren only joined us a few months before this Ignite55 challenge began, when his partner bought him 5 PT sessions as a gift. How good has that gift turned out to be. Again, it’s consistency that has helped Darren achieve the incredible results he has in such a short space of time. Training regularly every week, and some of the food pics he posted in our members group was amazing.
Darren’s trainer since he started with us at Maxx Life, has been Shane. Here’s a few words from Shane about Darren’s Ignite55 Challenge.
“Darren as always, has been a pleasure to train throughout this Ignite55 challenge.
His main goal was to improve his health, drop some body fat and fit into his groovy shirts again. And he smashed his goals and more.
Never missed a session, remained accountable to me with his Ignite55 Wristband Challenge, and he really did go all out to push himself.
He added more training sessions in on his own time, challenged himself to play squash through-out, as part of his cardio and pushing himself to 20k+ steps a day.
He started to become more active In our Maxx+ Members Facebook group, posting food pics and other motivating things to help himself stay on track, while also inspiring other members also.
When I went off on paternity, Darren never slacked at all. We got him booked in with Stevy, and he pushed him hard during my absence. When I returned back to work, I hadn’t seen Darren in 3 weeks, and could really notice the changes.
We pushed on again for the last 2 weeks, and I couldn’t be more prouder and happier for him to achieve the results he has.
Well done Darren, throw on your best shirt and hit the town man, because you deserve a good slap up meal and few beverages to celebrate. You smashed your Ignite 5 challenge”
Congratulations from the whole Maxx Team Darren, your results are amazing, and you’ve earned every bit of them. We hope you enjoy your night away.

Third Place:

Aideen Moen

So, taking the third place spot and winning themselves £150 shopping voucher, which I’m sure will be needed to buy some smaller sized clothing, is…
Aideen Moen
Aideen’s results are amazing. She was super consistent with her workouts, having only started with us just before the challenge began. Aideen was in Darren’s team, and here is a few words from her coach.
“Aideen’s journey with me started when she enquired about Ignite55. She had been encouraged by one of her friends who had previously done the challenge and decided to go for it. Recently having a baby she was trying to get back to her normal self and wanted to lose weight and get her confidence back. She attended a lot of the classes on offer every week with her Gold membership and took everything in her stride and also was also encouraged by the way we let clients bring their children too the gym. During the challenge, Aideen stuck religiously to what I was telling her to do with regards to calories and even afforded herself a few nights away and a few good times, as we coach about balance and consistency, not starvation and strictness. Nothing was a bother too her. This is only the start of her journey so watch this space and I look forward to continuing working with her in the future.”
Well done Aideen, we hope you enjoy shopping for some new clothing.

13th Sept - 6th Nov 2021

First Place:

Donna Treanor

Second Place:

Cara O'Rourke

Third Place:

Catherine McGuigan

14th Sept - 7th Nov 2020

First Place:

Michelle Curry

Second Place:

Jenny Irvine

Third Place:

Celene O'Rourke

Anybody can make massive changes in themselves, their physique and their lifestyle, in just 8 weeks.  The results above are proof of what can be achieved.  Imagine what you could achieve in the next 8 weeks.  You had might as well, as the time is going to pass anyway.  

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