8 Years In The Making

8 Years In the Making”
On Thursday 19th October, 2023, it’s our 8th birthday. 🎂
8 years learning all about our members. Learning about what motivates them and what doesn’t. What inspires them, and drives them to take action.
8 years learning about the fears people have before walking through the doors for the first time. The things that hold them back from taking the first step. And the feelings of accomplishment when they do get started.
8 Years learning about the goals that people have for themselves. The desires to better themselves, taking action on their health and fitness. Setting out to lose weight, get strong, tone up, or get fitter.
8 years learning about the many obstacles that people face in their daily lives. Obstacles that hold them back from from achieving their goals. The temptations that make their health and fitness journey difficult.
8 years challenging our members to be the best they can be. Challenging them to improve their health and fitness. Learning from the many many group challenges that we have set our members. Helping hundred and hundreds through the Maxx90 challenge, through our covid challenges, and through our Ignite55 challenges in recent years.
8 years sharing the small victories with so many of our members. Watching so many people literally transform themselves in front of our eyes. Shedding stones, building strength, growing in confidence, combating depression, exercising themselves off medication. Witnessing people turning their whole lives around for the better, simply starting with the dreaded first step through the door.
Our brand new gym, opening on Thursday 19th October, 2023, is the direct result of 8 years of learning. 8 years of listening. 8 years of trial and error. 8 years of always wanting to improve. Finding ways to do things better. Improving our service.
Thursday 19th October will be the beginning of chapter 8 in the Maxx Life book. A whole new chapter, and the most exciting chapter so far.
We really can’t wait for it. And so many more years of learning, adapting, growing and improving to come.
It’s not our goal to be the best gym for everyone. But it is our goal to be the best gym we possibly can be for our members.