PT Membership


PT Membership is required by non-gym-members, to cover the cost of using the gym for their PT workout.  And it also allows you to avail of all the same fantastic benefits that our gym members receive.

Almost all gyms will require that people have full gym membership, before they can hire a PT.  Trainers are self-employed, so what you pay them, is theirs.  They don’t pay the gym for you to use it, hence why membership is needed.  At Maxx Life, instead of requiring people who only attend PT sessions to purchase full gym membership, we have created a special ‘PT Membership’, to save you money.

Maxx Life PT Member benefits include;

Use of gym equipment for your PT session.
Use of gym equipment for warm-ups, cool down and stretching, outside of your PT session
Website login for nutritional information and meal plans etc
Entry into our Ignite55 Member Only Challenges
Access to our Maxx+ Member Only Facebook page
Members leaflets & Printed material
Use of Wifi in the gym
Use of showers after PT session
Covered by our Customer Liability Insurance
& any new member benefits that in the future

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