V.A.T Incoming

We don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but after 6 years of trading without needing to charge V.A.T to our customers, we will very soon be required to include V.A.T in our membership and PAYG prices.
We have a rule regarding our prices at Maxx Life…
The Price You Pay, is the Price You Stay!
Yes, we Never put our prices up on our current active members.
From 1st May, all our Membership prices will be increasing by 10% for new and returning customers only, in preparation for the addition of VAT, with the remaining 10% being added at the time when we become V.A.T registered.
All Membership sign-ups before May 1st will be at the current prices, and that will be your membership price for as long as you are an active member with us.

Beat the V.A.T Hike

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