Wristband Challenge

The Black Wristbands are back, and this time, we have a brand new style of challenge for you to earn one.

For Maxx90, everyone had to complete 48 workouts within 90 days, to earn the wristband.  That was way back in the early days of Maxx Life.  We have learned a lot from then, and changed a lot also.  And we now understand that all our members have different goals, different schedules, are at different stages in their health and fitness, and all face different challenges, as well as take on challenges differently.

So coming up with a new challenge to earn the new Ignite55 Wristband, it was clear to us that a 1-size-fits-all approach simply wouldn’t work.  What we have come up with instead, is a unique challenge for everyone.  A challenge that you set yourself, based on what you consider challenging, yet achievable for you.  

You may find the challenge of walking 10k steps every day quite easy, but trying to give up alcohol could be very challenging.  While for a person who doesn’t drink and averages 3k steps a day, the opposite would be challenging.

You may find the challenge of eating breakfast everyday quite easy, but trying to workout at least 3 times per week could feel very difficult.  While again, someone else may already workout every day, but never eat breakfast.

Therefore, the challenge we’re setting you to earn the Ignite55 Wristband, is the challenge you set yourself.  It’s up to you to create the rules to your own challenge, which must be challenging for you, but also achievable.

To help you, we’ve created the 5 different challenge areas below, with examples of different challenges you could set yourself in each.

Your task is to set yourself at least one challenge in each area, although you can leave out an area if you prefer.  Just try and set yourself as good a challenge as you can, that will help you change yourself for the better, and is also achievable.

And then if you can achieve it, we’ll award you with the Ignite55 Black Wristband.  We hope this sounds exciting to you, and look forward to helping you conquer your challenge ahead.

Your Maxx Life Team

Once you have your challenge created, write it on a page and take a photo of you holding it.  You’ll be able to look back at yourself and your challenge at the end, and see how you done.

Important: Please read this next part carefully, and take your time deciding on your challenge. Don't rush it.

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