Challenge Creator

Here is the Ignite55 Wristband Challenge Creator form.

It’s up to you to create the rules to your own challenge, which must be challenging for you, but also achievable.

To help you, we’ve created the 4 different challenge areas below, with examples of different challenges you could set yourself in each area.

Your task is to set yourself one challenge in each lifestyle area.  Try and set yourself as good a challenge as you can, that will help you change your lifestyle for the better, and is also achievable.

As you complete your challenges through-out each week of Ignite55, you tick them off on the Challenge Tracker sheet.  

You have to complete 19 out of the 24 mini-challenges for areas 2- 4.

And for your Big Challenge, if it is a weekly challenge, like no take-aways, then you have to complete 6/8 weeks.  If it is a one-time challenge, like climbing Slieve Donard, then you have to complete it.

Manage this, and we’ll award you with the Ignite55 Black Wristband.  

We hope this sounds exciting to you, and look forward to helping you conquer your challenge ahead.

Your Maxx Life Team

Ignite55 Tracker form available in gym reception

Once you have the Challenge Creator form filled out, submit it, and it will email both you and your coach your submissions.  Then get yourself a Challenge Tracker sheet from the gym, and write you challenge onto it.  

Then simply get to work on completing your mini-challenges and ticking them off.

You’ll be able to look back at your tracker at the end of the challenge, and see how you done.

Important: Please read this next part carefully, and take your time deciding on your challenge. Don't rush it.

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