You've Won... 2for1 PT's

Congratulations, you’re a Winner!  You’ve won 2for1 on Personal Training sessions with us.  To claim your prize, all you have to do is contact us using either of the 3 buttons below, and quote the code ‘241PT01‘ and we’ll arrange the PT Sessions for you.

PT’s cost £10 for members and £12.50 for non-members.

The prize expires Thursday at 6pm, so don’t delay.

There are a few terms & conditions;

  • Prizes must be claimed by the expiry date above.
  • PT Sessions must take place within 14 days of winning.
  • Prize can not be used for PT sessions that are already booked.
  • We will allocate you a Maxx trainer for the PT sessions.
  • Not all Maxx Trainers are available to take the PT sessions.
  • The PT Sessions may have another person in it.
  • Prizes are non-transferrable.
This prize has expired

Prize Code: 241PT01

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